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Design patent

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Design applications | Design applications
Just like trademark applications, design applications are filed with the competent authority. Similar to the trademark application, the design to be registered must also be reproduced and classified. In contrast to the trademark application, several attachments must be submitted here.

Design patent search | Design sample search
The design patent search, design sample search is ultimately, like the trademark search, the mandatory check to be carried out before the application is filed to determine whether the design to be applied for has not already been registered elsewhere by third parties and is therefore also being used. Since designs can take an infinite number of different forms and therefore a possible risk of confusion cannot be ruled out, an international examination is in advance advisable.

Design monitoring | Design monitoring
Just like trademark monitoring, registered designs and design samples should be checked at certain intervals. Here, too, the purpose is to immediately prevent infringements of the registered design or to exclude further registrations of comparable designs.