Competition law

Competition law

Lawyers for competition law in Frankfurt

Antitrust law, European competition law, unfair competition, misleading advertising, e-commerce, infringement of competition law, anti-competitive behavior, enticement, competition law advertising, e-business

In the field of intellectual property law, our law firm focuses on trademark law, copyright law and competition law.

Our law firm has many years of experience in advising small and medium-sized companies on all important issues relating to competition law, in particular antitrust law, forensic advice on protection against anti-competitive behavior or defense against warning notice, for example in e-commerce, e-business.

The advisory services provided by our lawyers for competition law range from

  • comprehensive examination of the legal admissibility of advertising measures in order to prevent subsequent attacks by competitors and thus also unnecessary costs, via the
  • Accusation of misleading advertising
  • Review of advertising campaigns
  • Legal advice on the development of advertising concepts
  • Allegation of infringement of competition law
  • Examination of anti-competitive behavior
  • Testing for product imitation
  • Website check
  • Advice on warning letters under competition law
  • Preparation of cease-and-desist declarations
  • Allegation or investigation of unfair competition
  • Systematic poaching of employees
  • up to the prosecution of infringements by competitors

International trade is subject to free economic competition in which product imitation, misleading advertising, comparative advertising, price dumping, price agreements, anti-competitive behavior and unfair competition can be the subject of judicial and extrajudicial competition law disputes.

We advise all sectors involved in international trade: Producers, software developers, wholesalers, retailers, mail order companies, e-commerce and the IT sector – in short, all companies that want comprehensive business support from a single source.

As lawyers for intellectual property law, we have relevant experience in the forensic field, so that we can guarantee effective representation of interests nationwide and up to the European Court of Justice. Our law firm for commercial law offers you comprehensive advice and representation for your company in all areas of law affecting your operational business.