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Employment contract, termination agreement, severance pay, reference letter, dismissal, negotiations with works councils and trade unions, Employee Inventions Act, early retirement arrangements

In our commercial law firm, one of the focal points of our legal work is employment law. Legal advice in employment law serves to avoid cost-intensive legal disputes. As the first-instance legal costs in employment law are to be borne by the parties themselves, an out-of-court settlement is often the more cost-effective and faster alternative.

We advise you individually when you need to draw up an employment contract, a termination of an employment contract or draft a reference. We will also be happy to review your existing employment contract for you. Drafting an employment contract is a difficult undertaking, but it is essential as the basis of any employment relationship. The interpretation of certain clauses can often give rise to ambiguity. Disputes may particularly arise due to differing opinions with regard to the regulations governing of your early retirement, your overtime, notice periods and vacation entitlements. Our qualified lawyers will be happy to help you negotiate the best possible conditions.

Unfortunately, the working conditions are not always ideal. Are you unable to work due to illness and receive no continued remuneration? Are you being harassed at your workplace? We offer you comprehensive conflict management, help you clarify liability issues and discuss possible courses of action with you.

Insurmountable conflicts can develop in the course of an employment relationship, so that ultimately only the termination or the termination agreement can be considered as a solution. The question often arises as to whether and in what amount you should receive an employee severance pay to which you are entitled.

If we are unable to resolve the conflict out of court and cannot achieve an optimal reconciliation of interests, we will file an action for unfair dismissal on your behalf and represent you in court during the unfair dismissal proceedings. We will always provide you with a realistic assessment of the prospects of success and the possible litigation risks.

We also assist employers in drafting employment contracts. We help with the drafting or review of individual employment contracts or with the drafting of employment contracts that are to be used for a large number of employees. If you are planning to hire out an employee, you can also rely on the advice of our lawyers for employment law.

If you as an employer have given notice of termination without notice or for operational reasons to an employee, we will help you to clarify any legal uncertainties and will of course also assist you in litigation.

You can therefore rely on our competent advice and our many years of experience as lawyers for employment law in individual and collective employment law.

Of course, we are not only available to assist you with the establishment and termination of your employment relationship.

Thanks to our many years of work with small and medium-sized companies, including across borders, we have experience in negotiating with works councils and trade unions and drafting works agreements. We also advise you on the deployment of managers and employees. If legal proceedings are necessary to protect your interests, you can fully rely on our knowledge of works constitution law.