Transportation law

Transportation law

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A large number of goods are transported worldwide every day. In the context of this globalization of goods deliveries, but also with regard to the considerable increase in national transports, transport law, forwarding law, freight law and warehousing and logistics law have developed into an essential area of law for all areas of economic activity in recent years. Without a functioning transportation industry, an export country like Germany could hardly survive in international competition. A company should not take any risks in terms of transport law, as goods often have to be at their destination at the right time in order to be processed there.

Legal advice is essential for transport and forwarding companies in order to remain competitive. Cross-border transportation in particular typically leads to conflict situations due to missed delivery deadlines, loss or damage to the goods or late delivery. Problems in European and Chinese customs procedures should not be neglected, especially difficult customs clearance due to inadequate certification.

Subcontractors could try to evade their responsibility in liability cases. Here it is advisable to draw up individual forwarding contracts in advance, often with the inclusion of general terms and conditions .

In our success- and performance-oriented society, functioning logistics are essential for the competitiveness and development of the company. Errors in your logistics concepts can lead to enormous damage and production losses. We help you to create up-to-date logistics concepts and clarify the individual responsibilities.

An essential part of logistics is the storage of goods. In order to be able to apply warehousing law comprehensively, it is advisable to conclude a warehousing contract in order to clarify the liability of the warehouse keeper in particular.

Our lawyers will assist you in drafting contracts under transport and forwarding law, in clarifying liability issues and recourse claims, including in accordance with the principles of CMR, CIM, SMGS, HGB, WA.


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