Contract law

Contract law

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General terms and conditions, contract drafting, contract review, employment contract, service contract, commercial contract, license agreement, purchase agreement, partnership agreement, framework agreement, contract for work and services

In our law firm for commercial law, contract law is a key area of advice.

Contract law affects a large number of legal areas and plays a key role in all areas of economic activity. It is also omnipresent in civil law, as the conclusion of contracts of all kinds is very important in everyday life.

Our contract lawyers offer you complete solutions in all important matters of contract law.
It does not matter whether these are framework agreements, service contracts, employment contracts, purchase agreements, partnership agreements, agency agreements or contracts for work and services.

It does not matter whether these are framework agreements, service contracts, employment contracts, etc, employment contractspurchase contracts, partnership agreements, commercial contracts or contracts for work and services.

General terms and conditions (GTC) have a special role in contract law. These are pre-formulated contractual conditions that are used repeatedly. Due to the fact that they are not negotiated, but provided by one side, they have been additionally restricted in their use. Our lawyers for commercial law and contract law will clarify with you which individual regulations are optimal for your company.

Our specialized contract lawyers will work with you to draft tailor-made contracts to limit risks and review existing contracts to meet your needs; in particular, we will also assist you in the negotiation, implementation and execution of contractual relationships, as well as their enforcement in court.

A contract coordinates and regulates the rights and obligations of the contracting parties. Even if one does not think about the failure of such contracts when concluding them, the respective provisions must be formulated clearly and comprehensibly in order to avoid misunderstandings in case of doubt. After all, an ambiguously worded contract can result in considerable disadvantages.

Our lawyers are the right people for you to contact in order to take all possible consequences into account.

Our consulting services include the review, revision and drafting of all contracts required in the company on the basis of the respective subject matter of the contract. Our interest as lawyers is to negotiate the best deal for you with our expertise, many years of experience, negotiating skills and competence.

You also benefit from our access to AUREN auditors and tax consultants, particularly in the case of purchase agreements between or concerning companies. It is usually worth considering economic and tax aspects from a purely financial point of view.

The lawyers at our law firm will help you to draft your contracts in such a way that they will stand up to judicial review.