Unfair competition

Unfair competition

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With the Unfair Competition Act (UWG), the legislator has created regulations to put a stop to unfaircompetition. The law is intended to enable consumers and competitors to compete lawfully. The right to take action against an infringement of competition law is enshrined in the UWG. In a large number of cases, companies may have direct legal standing. The companies affected by unfair competition may have a claim for injunctive relief as well as a claim against the competitor for restitution of the profit gained through the unfair competition. Furthermore, claims for damages may exist. A lawyer specializing in competition law can examine your case comprehensively and enforce possible claims quickly. Swift action is essential for effective protection against unfair competition .

With the Unfair Competition Act(UWG), the legislator has created a set of rules to put a stop to unfair and unlawful competition. Both consumers and competitors are to be protected. Among other things, the UWG provides for legal action against a breach of competition law. Companies, regardless of their size, may have direct legal standing in a variety of violations.

If your company is affected by unfair competition, our lawyers will obtain a cease-and-desist order for you as well as a claim for the surrender of the profit made through the unfair competition and, if necessary, take legal action. Our lawyers will check for you whether a claim for damages is warranted.

In order to ensure the necessary protection against unfair competition for your company at national, European and global level, legal advice is more than sensible.