CRM systems

CRM systems

Customer Relationship Management Systems, CRM

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The Customer Relationship Management System(CRM) is a strategic approach to the complete planning, control and implementation of all interactive processes between contractor and customer with the aid of appropriate software.

The use of a software tool is only one instrument for controlling the Internet in particular as an interface to the customer in the interest of an optimal overall effect.

However, it should not be forgotten that consistent customer orientation requires a corresponding corporate philosophy, for which the implementation of a CRM software tool alone is not sufficient.

Legal problems arise from the fact that relationships with customers need to be maintained beyond the processing of a specific transaction. The data transfer is generally not necessary for the performance of the contract (Section 4 c (1) sentence 1 no. 1 BDSG). Obtaining the customer’s consent for every piece of information is certainly unrealistic; however, implied consent is insufficient (Section 4 c (1) No. 1 in conjunction with Section 4 a BDSG).

In this respect, it remains to be seen which final regulations will be created on the basis of the applicable EU directives.