Commercial law

Commercial law

Lawyer for commercial law in Frankfurt

National commercial law, international commercial law, licensing law, distribution law, authorized dealer law, commercial agency law, commercial agency compensation claims, transport law, logistics law, forwarding law

Commercial law is a one of our main legal fields at our law firm. This is due to the fact that our lawyers in commercial law advise several small and medium-sized companies, craft businesses and freelancers, in particular including start-up companies, comprehensively in all areas of commercial law and distribution law so that solutions can be individually tailored to the needs of the individual client on the basis of this experience.

We also have extensive expertise in international trade law. Cross-border commercial transactions are usually more complex than national ones and require special advice in the drafting of international trade, purchase and distribution agreements. In cooperation with our internationally networked law firms, we can also assist you with foreign-related transactions. In addition to support in negotiations in the USA, Eastern Europe and China, this also includes advice and representation in the drafting of contracts with internationally active companies.

Our legal services relate to all aspects of commercial law. We strive for long-term relationships with our clients based on quality and reliability. We draft and negotiate commercial contracts of all kinds and can thus support our clients, for example, in the redrafting and review of general terms and conditions or in the drafting and review of framework and form contracts. We are also happy to review existing business contracts and optimize them if necessary. We always endeavor to propose a solution that is individually tailored to the client’s needs.

Sales are an essential part of the economic activity of many companies. In order to guarantee you legal certainty and enable exceptional success, our lawyers will draft new distribution agreements for you and review or optimize your existing ones. As an example, an unfortunate wording of a contractual clause can lead to a serious breach of applicable antitrust law. For companies that operate both nationally and internationally, it is particularly important to observe the provisions of antitrust law.

Modern distribution law with its complexity requires a high degree of specialization, which we can offer thanks to our many years of experience. We advise both manufacturing and pure trading companies, often also commercial agents (commercial agent law, commercial agent compensation claims), authorized dealers (authorized dealer law) and franchisees. These special legal relationships often give rise to problems in connection with commission and compensation claims. In this context, a post-contractual non-competition clause is also very conflict-prone. Competent legal advice in advance is particularly useful here.

In transportation, warehousing and logistics law , we advise companies with international trading structures, for example in the area of delimitation of responsibilities in supply chains.