Anti-competitive behavior

Anti-competitive behavior

Competition law | Anti-competitive behavior

Anti-competitive behavior, unfair competition, warning letter, cease-and-desist declaration, injunction

With the Unfair Competition Act (UWG), the legislator has created regulations to put a stop to anti-competitive behavior . It enables companies to defend themselves against unfair and anti-competitive behavior by a competing company. This is possible at national, European and international level.

In the event of anti-competitive behavior, our lawyers will initially take action for you out of court by issuing a warning letter with a demand to submit a cease-and-desist declaration. In case of denial of anticompetitive behavior, our attorneys can obtain an injunction on your behalf in court.

If your company is accused of anti-competitive behavior, our lawyers will examine the situation for you and represent you in court and out-of-court negotiations in a targeted and promising manner.