Trademark law

Trademark law

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In our law firm our lawyers will advise you on all important legal areas of commercial law and intellectual property law. In intellectual property law, our focus is on trademark law, design law and competition law.

As lawyers for trademark and design law, we can handle the various types of trademark applications or design registrations for you. A thorough trademark search or design search must be conducted before registration to ensure that the intended trademark or design is not already in use or registered by other owners

Various types of trademarks, including word marks, figurative marks, combined word/figurative marks, sound marks, and others, can be registered with the relevant authorities such as DPMA and OHIM This wide variety allows you to use trademark law to protect just about anything for which you or your company want to own the exclusive rights.

The trademark application can be filed at national, European or international level, depending on the applicant’s need for protection. If all application requirements are met, the trademark is entered in the corresponding register.

Our trademark lawyers will examine and register a trademark for you at national, European and international level. It is our priority that you obtain a trademark that is as extensively protected as possible as quickly and cheaply as possible.

In order to prevent a trademark collision with newly registered trademarks and to maintain the protected status of your trademark in the future, we recommend constant trademark monitoring of your registered trademark. This is referred to as collision monitoring, a service that we also offer for you.

In the field of design patents, our trademark and design law lawyers provide examination and registration services for design patents at national, European, and international levels.” In order to avoid a design collision here too, constant monitoring of your design is advisable.

If a collision already exists, we offer you legal advice and representation in the event of a trademark infringement, complaint, infringement of competition law or trademark infringement.

However, if you are less interested in registering your own trademark or design, but rather in obtaining rights of use to third-party trademarks, our lawyers can also help you, also thanks to their extensive experience in the field of license law.