Commercial law | Incentives for e-cars until the end of 2022!

Commercial law | Incentives for e-cars until the end of 2022!

Commercial law| In order to continue to promote e-mobility, the current innovation subsidy for electric vehicles was initially extended by one year. Buyers of purely electrically powered electric vehicles will continue to receive up to €9,000 in subsidies from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) in 2022. Plug-in hybrids are subsidised with a maximum of €6,750.

Private individuals, companies, foundations, corporations and associations to whom a new vehicle is registered and who commit to hold the vehicle for six months are eligible to apply. The grant beneficiary is the applicant.

The federal contribution to the subsidy for all-electric cars with a price of less than €40,000 listed with the BAFA remains at €6,000 (additional manufacturer contribution €3,000). The federal subsidy for plug-in hybrids is €4,500 (additional manufacturer’s contribution €2,250).

Pure e-cars with a BAFA-listed price of over €40,000 are subsidised with €5,000 (additional manufacturer contribution of €2,500) and plug-in hybrids with €3,750 (additional manufacturer contribution of €1,875). The subsidy limit is more than €65,000.

In 2023, the funding is to be oriented much more strongly towards climate protection and defined by the proportion of electric driving and a minimum electric range.


A list of subsidised vehicles can be found at


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